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A simple mapping and shareware package supporting a variety of data formats including Mapinfo MIF, E00, Arc gen, and a variety of others. Runs on Win 95, 98, NT External Link

AvisMap Free Viewer
The free AvisMap Viewer opens most GIS/CAD and raster image file types and most ArcView, ArcExplorer, and MapInfo projects. Besides just opening and viewing files, the Viewer supports an extensive list of features including visual layer properties control, legend control, thematic mapping, spatial and attribute querying, custom labeling, on-map measurements, hyper-linking, PDF export and much more. Supports .NET via COM. While the SDK is excellent for desktop GIS application development, it is also appropriate for the development of enterprise level, multi-user user GIS solutions using SQL database map layers. The SDK supports the storage and access of vector map and image data in three SQL database formats: a) the proprietary SDB file database b) SQL Server and c) Oracle and Oracle Spatial. Because the GIS Viewer is compiled from the AvisMap Map Engine, it provides an easy way to evaluate the AvisMap technology and support for various data formats and common GIS functionality. The free Viewer can be used to generate AvisMap project files that are compatible with any other AvisMap product or custom applications created from the AvisMap GIS Engine. External Link

AvisMap GIS Engine
AvisMap GIS Engine is a comprehensive SDK designed to custom develop GIS solutions and applications. This SDK provides several ActiveX (OCX) controls which support Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Visual C++ and other ActiveX compatible programming languages, with Microsoft Visual Studio versions 6, 2003, 2005, and Express. Supports .NET via COM. While the SDK is excellent for desktop GIS application development, it is also appropriate for the development of enterprise level, multi-user user GIS solutions using SQL database map layers. The SDK supports the storage and access of vector map and image data in three SQL database formats: a) the proprietary SDB file database b) SQL Server and c) Oracle and Oracle Spatial. External Link

Autodesk DWF Viewer
FREE viewer for DWF files External Link

Bentley View V8i
Bentley View is a free DGN viewer, DWG viewer, and i-model viewer. It's the best tool for projects that require a powerful viewing, measuring, and printing application for MicroStation, AutoCAD, or hybrid projects using i-models External Link

CartoMap Viewer
FREE Viewer supports both MapInfo Mif/Mid and ArcView Shape files External Link

CARIS Easy View 2.0
View your spatial data from a wide range of file types, connect to a WMS server, load ENCs and VPF libraries, visualize BASE, BAG or LOTS grids in interactive 3D, export 3D flight paths to XML or to an AVI digital video file External Link

Didger is a comprehensive, powerful, all-in one software solution that provides an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface for digitizing, geographic referencing, reprojection, tiling, and mosaicking. Use Didger to precisely convert paper maps, graphs, aerial photographs, or any other plotted information into a versatile digital format. External Link

dlgvu is an interactive viewer for Unix External Link

DLGv32 Pro
Free Viewer from the USGS, supporting many data formats. Download

Grapher is an easy to understand technical graphing package for anyone who needs to create publication-quality graphs quickly and easily. Create one of more than 40 unique 2D or 3D graph types. Customize any portion of any graph to make the graph completely unique to your situation. There are four different types of 2D graphs that can be created in Grapher: linear, bar, polar, and specialty graph types. If you need an extra variable plotted on your graph, try one of the 3D XYZ graphs, the contour maps, or surface maps. External Link

GRASS Development Team, 2010. Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) Software, Version 6.4.0. Open Source Geospatial Foundation External Link

GeoGenesis LE
GeoGenesis LE is unlike other "free" viewers as data can be viewed, processed, saved, shared and reused. Using GeoGenesis LE our users can: Quickly view single or multi-band satellite and aerial imagery with simple band selection menus, Display both natural color and false color, Overlay geospatial vector data onto underlying imagery and elevation data. In addition to rapid panning and zooming capability, GeoGenesis LE provides the facility to convert and save imagery from NITF format to GeoTIFF while maintaining the important registration information such as RPC data for commercial satellite imagery. External Link

Geomatica® 10 FreeView
Geomatica® FreeView V10.3 is a flexible data viewing tool supporting over 100 raster and vector formats for loading, viewing, selection, and enhancement. FreeView is useful for any geospatial data viewing application, and is freely distributable External Link

OSM Explorer is an on-line / off-line OpenStreetMaps viewer and exporter External Link

GeoView is an intelligent mapping component for Windows developers who need to quickly embed sophisticated map viewing with spatial overlays in their applications External Link

GeoView LT
add support for the display of AutoCAD DWG/DXF, Microstation DGN, ESRI Shape, MapInfo MIF, and image files, with graphic overlays, spatial queries, and links to your database quickly External Link

Geographic Explorer
explore map files directly on your desktop with the Geographic Explorer External Link

GML Viewer
Snowflake Software's free to download GML Viewer is a new product created using the core framework of OS MasterMap Viewer and a subset of the generic parsing technology used in the flagship product GO Loader External Link

Map Maker Gratis
Map Maker Gratis is a powerful introduction to the world of GIS. Unlike other free viewers, Gratis is a fully functional map production program with GIS functions such as thematic mapping and data interrogation. The program can be used both with vector and raster data and produces high quality, accurately scaled print outs. External Link

MapInfo ProViewer
Allows you to share your MapInfo data with non MapInfo users External Link

MapWindow 4x
Free, ready-to-use spatial data viewer that can be modified and extended using plugins. External Link

MapInfo ProViewer™ lets you share location intelligence with clients and co-workers, even if they do not have MapInfo Professional. ProViewer allows anyone to open, view and manipulate your MapInfo Professional maps, tables and analyses with easy-to-use functionality including print, zoom, scroll, select objects, measure distances and view details. External Link

MassGIS Data Viewer
Expands the functionaly of ArcView External Link

Useful raster viewer used to import and view DTED®0 External Link

a JavaBeansTM based programmer's toolkit External Link

read Ordnance Survey data in .NTF, .DXF formats Download

Quantum GIS
The program offers standard GIS functionality, including a large variety of mapping features, data editing, on-the-fly projection and GRASS digitizing Download

SIGIS is an integrated vector/raster GIS and remote sensing application running under Windows(95/98/NT/ME/2000). It features satellites image processing, raster and vector spatial analysis, geographically linked database management, mapping and 3D surface rendering & animation. External Link

freeware general GIS and image processing package External Link

Strater is simply the easiest borehole and well log plotting software available. In just a few clicks, you can visualize your depth data by creating one of 12 fully customizable log types. External Link

Surfer 9
Surfer is the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use contouring and 3D surface mapping package available. Surfer easily and accurately transforms your data into spectacularly colorful contour, surface, wireframe, shaded relief, image, post, and vector maps in minutes. External Link

TatukGIS Viewer (Free)
Natively supports wide range of vector, image, grid data formats and WMS/WFS/WMTS services opened from the web. Comprehensive visual layer property and legend controls for deep customization of map appearance, including colors, labels, fills, line styles, symbology, thematic presentation, pie charts, sublayers and layer hierarchies, etc. Advanced coordinate system support with nearly 5,000 predefined coordinate systems and on-the-fly reprojection. Attribute data grid table provides advanced SQL querying and selection tools.
External Link

Terrain Tools
A quick and easy to use mapping program from SofTree External Link

Tiny Viewer
TinyViewer is a small program to view images on the PalmPilot, and supports the ImageViewer format Download

Learn GIS and image processing using a package that utilizes raster, vector, shape, CAD, relational database and TIN formats. TNTlite is FREE, and supports display and processing of the following formats: shapefiles, Oracle Spatial, DXF, DWG, DGN, TAB, TIFF/GeoTIFF, JPEG2000, MrSID, PNG, JPEG, ECW and additional raster formats. External Link

Voxler displays your data in an unprecedented variety of 3D images, including volume rendering, isosurface, contours, three dimensional slices, orthographic and oblique images, scatter plots, stream lines, and vector plots. External Link

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