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FME Themes for ArcView

An extension that gives ArcView users the ability to directly access (read/view) a multitude of leading GIS, CAD and database formats including ESRI Shape, AutoCAD DWG/DXF, Intergraph GeoMedia, Microstation Design, MapInfo TAB, and Ordnance Survey MasterMap.

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Arcv2CAD       Unknown
Arcv2CAD converts ArcView / ESRI Shape files to AutoCAD DXF and DWG formats allowing shapefiles to be read by virtually all CAD software   External Link

Arcv2SHP       Unknown
ArcView to SHP translator (10 trial uses available in demo)   Download

Atlas to SHP       176 Kb
Freeware Atlas Geo to SHP translator   Download

Blue Marble Desktop 127.35 MB
Powerful geospatial data conversion, translation and transformation just got more powerful. The new Blue Marble Desktop is an all in one geospatial data management platform for Blue Marble’s popular data transformation tools Download

CADTools       16 Kb
A number of tools to aid in working with CAD files in ArcView. These include: a utility to make a theme for each layer or level, an interactive world file creation tool, a tool to convert annotation to points, and tools to associate text and attributes with their bounding CAD polygons.   Download

DLG2SHP       76 Kb
Excercise from NWI to help you convert NWI DLG data to ArcViewSHP   Download

DLG2SHP       8 Kb
Popular DLG translator from   Download

DLG2SHP3       3 Kb
This Avenue script converts Optional Format DLG-3 lines, points (degenerate lines), or polys to a shapefile, with attributes   Download

E00 to SHP       2 Kb
Batch conversion utility to import E00 to SHP   Download

E00compr       23 Kb
A Library to Read/Write Compressed .E00 files   Download

GeoJPG       3 Kb
Exports a view to a georeferenced JPG image   Download

Import71       1.29 MB
Converts ARC/INFO interchange files ".e00" into ARC/INFO coverages, which then can be used in ArcExplorer or ArcView   Download

MIF2SHP       3 Kb
converts Mapinfo MIF format to ArcView SHP   Download

MIFConv       9 Kb
Convert existing MapInfo Interchange Format(MIF) files to shapefiles   Download

More CADTools       8 Kb
More CAD Translation Resources for translating CAD data into ArcView   Download

SDTS/DLG Utils       463 Kb
Convert from SDTS to ArcView   Download

SHP to ASCII       3 Kb
Export a shapefile and attributes to an X/Y/atts text file   Download

SHP to Atlas       189 Kb
Freeware ESRI SHP to Atlas Geo translator   Download

SHP to Mapinfo       4 Kb
MBX to convert Shape files to Mapinfo   Download

SHP2DXF       4 Kb
Export a shapefile to DXF format   Download

SHP2MIF       3 Kb
Export a shapefile to Mapinfo MIF   Download

TIGER to SHP       33 Kb
Avenue Script to go from TIGER to SHP   Download

XYdump       2 Kb
Creates a comma delimited textfile containing a unique ID, x and y coordinates, and user input information   Download

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