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Serve Your Software to the Public

Sounds too good to be true? We're very serious!

Send us your quality GIS/CAD related software and we will add it to the GeoCommunity software download catalog. Once your product is catalogued simply link the page on your site and direct interested parties to that location. This is an excellent way to serve up custom scripts, extensions, product demos, evaluation copies, freeware, or shareware to a very large, and targetted group of individuals.

Once software is added to the GeoCommunity, it will be available worldwide for download free of charge. In addition, for those individuals who may not have the Internet bandwidth or the time to download large files, the GeoCommunity provides an automated mechanism (patent pending) for creating custom CDs, which may include the software you provide bundled with other useful datasets. For the CD write service, the GeoCommunity will charge a nominal write fee intended to cover the associated production and distribution costs.

How to Participate in the Geocommunity Software Serving Program

In order to serve software within the GeoCommunity:
    1. EMAIL us at describing the product you wish to provide to the public.
    2. COMPRESS the software that you wish to provide to the public using either gzip for unix based data or WinZip for Windows based data. Please do not use the self-extracting *.exe format for PC data.
    3. METADATA - Prepare and provide documentation or readme file to be included within each and every catalog item. The inclusion of a readme will ensure that users of your software are informed and can reach you for comments.


The GeoCommunity assumes no responsibility of any Software and makes no claims or guarantees that all products held in the database is absolutely free of any copyrights, license agreements, or exclusive distribution rights. The GIS Data Depot makes no claims about the quality, accuracy (temporal, attribute, positional), completeness, or logical consistency of any consigned data. The GeoCommunity cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from any type of misuse or use of any consigned data. It is the responsibility of all organizations contributing Software to make reasonable effort to ensure that the data they are providing is free of any copyrights, exclusive distribution rights, and/or licensing agreements. The GeoCommunity will make every effort to ensure contributor's adhere to these policies and will immediately remove any data from the Depot that is brought to our attention and is deemed to have valid copyrights/license agreements. The GeoCommunity assumes no responsibilities, damages or liability resulting from a software contributor's actions.

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