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Software > Scripts > Arcview Scripts and Downloads

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ArcGIS Toolbar (07/16/10)
The ArcGIS Toolbar is an extension or Add-on to be used with the ESRI ArcMap product. The Toolbar functions within the ArcGIS Toolbox and the ArcMap Toolbar. This enhancement creates a series of buttons on the Toolbar within the GIS that allows the user to access Seamless Data Distribution System (SDDS). Download

SAIC GeoRover® software products for ESRI® ArcGIS® Desktop (02/08/10)
  • Locus Track: Powerful tools for point, line, and polygon importing, creating, editing, and exporting.
  • RPF Tools: High-speed indexing, display, and management of large file-based raster product format (RPF) datasets, typically map and imagery data.
  • Digital Data Tracker: Flexible GPS software tools for processing field collected data including data from geotagging devices.
  • Range Tools: Geospatial feature data creation, editing, and ingestion of ring, ellipse, and arc feature data
  • Download

    Projector_EPSG (1/04/09) ArcView 3x
    This extension is based on a previous ESRI “Projector!” sample script, but uses the EPSG data set and, additionally, can perform DATUM transformations (DATUM shifts), on the same package. Download

    DATUM transformation - EPSG data set (4/03/09) ArcView GIS
    DATUM transformation extension, based on ESRI and Ianko Tchoukanski previous extensions, but now with the data set from the European Petroleum Survey Group Download

    Auto Pan for points, lines and polygons v 2.0.1 (10/26/08) ArcView 3x
    New version - now the extension has a Delete Last Point/Segment tool. Based on an excellent extension by Tim Loesch, this one tries to bring Auto Panning to the world of point, polyline and polygon digitizing. It may seem a bit strange to the first-time user (there are no dragging lines, the first line segment is only visible after the second digitized point, etc.), but she/he will certainly get used rapidly. Download

    KML 2 SHP Converter for points, lines and polygons v 2.1 (09/28/08) ArcView 3x
    New Version 2.1 - the extension now writes a projection file, of the type *.prj, with the WGS84 geographic coordinate parameters, to make things easier for ArcGIS 8.x/9.x family. Extension for ArcView 3.x will convert KML files from Google Earth to ShapeFiles, adding a new field called “Name” on the shapefile attribute table, automatically storing the name entered on the “Google Earth – New” window, and convert shapefiles from 3D to 2D. This extension is now able to accommodate the new version 2.2 of KML. Download

    ArcView Metadata Collector v 2.0   (01/31/02) ArcView 3x
    The ArcView® Metadata Collector is an easy-to- use application that can be utilized by any ArcView 3.x user for creating Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)–compliant metadata. The tool can create metadata for any data type supported by ArcView, including ARC/INFO coverages, ArcView shapefiles, as well as any supported image formats. (Developed by NOAA)   Download

    xTools     (01/28/02) ArcView 3x
    Popular tool developed by Mike DeLaune. X-Tools is useful for performing operations such as clip, overlay, buffer, union, convert shapes, and many others... very slick and a nice user interface.   Download

    Hotlink Browser     (01/14/02) ArcView 3x
    For AV 3x - Use a Windows file browser to associate hotlink items with a feature theme. Saves time and headaches compared to typing in hotlink names and paths manually. Supplied by Mark Miller (   Download

    ET GeoWizards     (01/14/02) ArcGIS
    ET GeoWizards is a set of functions for ArcGIS 8.1 packed in a user friendly wizard type interface that will help the ArcGIS users to manipulate data with easy. It enables ArcView 8.1 users to perform some data processing functions currently available only in ArcEditor and ArcInfo. The surface functions make possible to do 3D analysis in ArcMap with no need of 3D Analyst. For the registered users there are no restrictions for the powerful data cleaning, topology building, surface creating and analyzing functions.   Download

    DNR Garmin     (12/04/01) Unknown
    The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, GIS Section would like to formally announce the release of a new extension for ArcView 3.x that links Garmin Brand GPSs to ArcView. This extension, called DNR Garmin - ArcView, uses a Visual Basic program to facilitate communications between ArcView and the GPS unit via a serial port. The Visual Basic program can also function independently of ArcView. It will collect Waypoints and real-time data that can be saved to a text file for transfer to ArcView at a later time {navigate to the ArcView extensions page and through the disclaimers to the Garmin GPS Utility page}.   Download

    201Scripts       228 Kb
    Avenue scripts from the Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection... They include click, apply and update event scripts for controls in View, Table and Layout, docGUIS that add themes, label themes, identify themes, edit themes, select features, find features, print tables, and print maps   Download

    3DinControl       98 Kb
    3DInControl tries to give the user control over the positioning of the Observer and Target.   Download

    AVALabel       Unknown
    AVALabel 2.1 adds many new capabilities to ArcView's labelling funtionality   External Link

    AVArrows       Unknown
    AVArrows was developed as an alternative to the ESRI arrows line symbol in ArcView   External Link

    AVAtlas       1.21 MB
    AVAtlas is an ArcView extension providing all the tools necessary to create a printed atlas within ArcView   Download

    AVCatalog       Unknown
    ViewPoint AVCatalog lets you store ArcView documents outside of ArcView project files   External Link

    Access Connect       7 Kb
    Connects a theme to a MS Access 97 database. V 1.10 has DB table browsing facilities   Download

    ActTheme       1 Kb
    ActTheme is a simple script to make themes active by pointing at them from inside the view's map display   Download

    ArcExplorer 2       Unknown
    ESRI's FREE geographic viewer   External Link

    ArcExplorer 3       Unknown
    ArcExplorer 3 (Free) is a new Java edition of this useful software   External Link

    ArcPad 5.1       Unknown
    ArcPad downloads an image or map layer via wireless technology. ArcPad can act as a client to ArcIMS, ESRI's Internet Mapping and GIS software - Windows CE   External Link

    ArcView 3.0 Date Handling       Unknown
    Utility to repair ArcView GIS 3.0x problem accessing data sources based on dBASE III .dbf files   External Link

    ArcView Easy Layout       Unknown
    Quickly generate high quality of customized map layouts from any View   External Link

    Arcv2CAD       Unknown
    Arcv2CAD converts ArcView / ESRI Shape files to AutoCAD DXF and DWG formats allowing shapefiles to be read by virtually all CAD software   External Link

    AutoSave AVX       Unknown
    periodically performs ArcView saves so that you won't lose your work when ArcView crashes   External Link

    Autobound       Unknown
    Autobound is a GIS-based system for redistricting, reapportionment, and resource allocation   External Link

    Av Layout's Tables       2.2 MB
    The Av Layout's Tables Extension is an extension developed by InfoEra to extend ArcView GIS layout creating and editing capabilities.   Download

    B.I.T.S Polygon Tool       506 Kb
    This extension extends the capability of Arcview's polygon digitizing   Download

    CADTools       16 Kb
    This extension includes a number of tools to aid in working with CAD files in ArcView   Download

    CADWriter       Unknown
    CADWriter is the ArcView GIS Extension (AVX) that creates a DXF file from ArcView themes   External Link

    CMSBalloon       Unknown
    CMSBalloon is sort of a "pop up hint" tool for features   External Link

    CMSZoom       Unknown
    CMSZoom is a highly configurable yet powerful Zoom To Address Extension for ArcView 3.0a and 3.1   External Link

    COUNT_PTS       4 Kb
    This Extension is used to count points from a point shape theme which are contained by each polygon from a polygon shape theme   Download

    CartoMap       Unknown
    FREE Viewer supports both MapInfo Mif/Mid and ArcView Shape files   External Link

    ChangeDetect       7 Kb
    Finds the change in different polygon themes for the same area   Download

    CrimeStat       Unknown
    CrimeStat(r) is a spatial statistics program for the analysis of crime incident locations, developed under grants from the National Institute of Justice. The program is Windows(r)-based and interfaces with most desktop GIS programs.   External Link

    DISSOLVE       2 Kb
    This script dissolves common lines of polygon boundaries   Download

    DMS2DEG       2 Kb
    An improvement enabling coordinate conversion   Download

    DOQ Reader       Unknown
    An ArcView extension which will assist with the reading of DOQ data within ArcView   External Link

    DRGclip       11 Kb
    Converts USGS DRGs to grids and "clips" away the area outside the map   Download

    Dogcreek QC       Unknown
    Data Quality Assurace Tool for ArcINFO 7.xx- demo available from website   External Link

    Dupl       4 Kb
    This extension helps find duplicate values in a table   Download

    E00compr       23 Kb
    A Library to Read/Write Compressed E00 Files   Download

    ECW Internet Explorer plug-in       949 KB
    The ECW Internet Explorer plug-in allows Microsoft Internet Explorer users another way to download the ECW technology to view ECW imagery over the Internet   External Link

    EZ Locate       Unknown
    EZ-Locate extension for ArcView(tm) allows you to geocode street addresses   External Link

    Edit Tools       Unknown
    ArcView extension providing extensive CAD-like tool sets   External Link

    Embed       2 Kb
    Two scripts to embed/unembed easily one or more scripts at one click   Download

    Export Wizard       12 Kb
    Bypasses problems normally encountered in exporting views to Adobe software   Download

    FindBetter       13 Kb
    This extension is a major improvement over the Find button in the view GUI   Download

    FindDupl       2 KB
    Searches and Locates duplicate values in an attribute table   Download

    FME Suite Themes for ArcView       unknown
    FME Suite Themes for Arcview is an extension that gives ArcView users the ability to directly access (read/view) a multitude of GIS, CAD and database formats.   Download

    FlowDirection 1 Kb
    This extension creates lines representing the flow direction for a given point on a TIN surface Download

    GRIDMake       4 Kb
    This script creates a vector grid within selected polygon   Download

    GeoView LT       Unknown
    add support for the display of AutoCAD DWG/DXF, Microstation DGN, ESRI Shape, MapInfo MIF, and image files, with graphic overlays, spatial queries, and links to your database quickly   External Link

    Geographic Tracker AVX       Unknown
    This ArcView GIS extension brings real-time GPS to ESRI desktop users   External Link

    Geographic Transformer       Unknown
    The Geographic Transformer AVX integrates geographic referencing, transformation, tiling and mosaicking directly into the ESRI ArcView GIS environment   External Link

    ImageGeoref       12 Kb
    This extension provides tools, buttons and menus to geo-reference images   Download

    ImageMap       77 Kb
    This extension enables you to produce an html image map from a View   Download

    ImageMapper       Unknown
    Create hyperlinked webmaps from your ArcView data - fully functional demo available from alta4   External Link

    ImageWarp 2.0       1.3 MB
    A Windows 95, 98, and NT based extension that will allow you to geo-reference images that ArcView will display to a feature theme, grid theme, or image theme   Download

    Import71       1.29 MB
    Converts ARC/INFO interchange files ".e00" into ARC/INFO coverages, which then can be used in ArcExplorer or ArcView   Download

    Label Stacker       Unknown
    Label Stacker allows users to easily stack and concatenate ArcView attribute labels   External Link

    Layout Table Wizard       345 Kb
    Layout Table Wizard is another Legend Wizard similar to that in 3.1   Download

    LayoutViewFrame       2 Kb
    This script helps in getting your Layout to be just exactly perfect   Download

    LengthTools       47 Kb
    Launch a Tool Box with different Options to measure distances for each Segment in the Active Theme   Download

    MergeThemes       3 Kb
    This script merges mulitple themes in ArcView   Download

    PROFILER       112 Kb
    Generate point-shapes which contain profile-information, and create profiles.   Download

    PadStrFld       2 Kb
    PadStrFld pads a string field in a table to a specified width on a specifi   Download

    Patch Analyst       Unknown
    Patch Analyst facilitates the spatial analysis of landscape patches, and modeling of attributes associated with patches   External Link

    Poly to point       6 Kb
    This extension converts each vertex in a polygon or polyline theme to a point   Download

    Poly2Lines       2 Kb
    Poly2Lines converts polyline themes to (poly)line themes   Download

    PolyOltr       1 Kb
    PolyOltr makes polygon outline color transparent (useful for dense coverages)   Download

    Polylines 2 Polygons       135 Kb
    This extension provided by in Italy will convert polylines to polygons   Download

    PowerCalc       Unknown
    PowerCalc can be used in place of the Field Calculator to perform a variety of special formatting tasks   External Link

    PowerLink       Unknown
    Hotlink to any type of computer file, web address, image (including JPG), sound or help file   External Link

    PowerStructure       Unknown
    Build databases within ArcView exactly as you want them, with complete control over field structure and data value formatting   External Link

    ProjectManager       306 Kb
    The ArcView Project Manager is a powerfull, easy-to-use, freeware ArcView dll extension that helps you manage and develop large ArcView projects   Download

    QuadTrans       1 Kb
    This extension sets the USGS DRG quadrangle color to be transparent   Download

    R2V       4 Kb
    These Scripts make use of the asPointFtab, asPolyLineFtab, and asPolygonFtab to convert a grid to either a point, line, or polygon shapefile   Download

    Register       6 Kb
    Register is an image registration script, similar to the popular "ImageWarp" extension   Download

    Route Label       Unknown
    Route Label greatly simplifies route posting and labeling in ArcView® GIS 3.1   External Link

    SEdTools       39 Kb
    SEdTools is a collection of Avenue scripts which includes lots of utilities that make script management, creation, and modification easier and more consistent   Download

    Shape Projector AVX       Unknown
    an extension for ArcView GIS that allows users to project ESRI shape files from any coordinate system to another   External Link

    Shape Sifter       Unknown
    Shape Sifter is a stand-alone utility which helps you identify the associations of shapefiles and ArcView GIS projects   External Link

    Shuffle       1 Kb
    Shuffle is a nifty routine that kicks all the active themes to the top of the view table of contents   Download

    Snap Digitizing       3 Kb
    Snap digitizing greatly enhances digitizing in ArcView   Download

    Square Buffer       Unknown
    The square buffer wizard Creates a square buffer for a point theme   Download

    State Visitor Unknown
    This is a nifty, short script that prompts the user for the state she/he wants to visit, then takes the user there   Download

    TheEngine       Unknown
    This extension provides a number of topological functions and tools   External Link

    ThemeBooks AVX       Unknown
    an extension for ArcView that allows users to store theme and attribute table properties, symbology, and graphics so that themes can be added to other Views or ArcView projects more easily   External Link

    ThemeControl       3 Kb
    This extension is for managing themes in ArcView's Table of Contents   Download

    USGS SA Extension       Unknown
    This ArcView program extension must be run simultaneously with Spatial Analyst   External Link

    Viewpoint Transporter       Unknown
    Creates and retrieves compressed package files of pre-symbolized data from saved Projects, Views, Themes, Layouts, and other document types   External Link

    Watershed from PT       3 Kb
    Delineates watersheds using a point theme   Download

    WebView 1.0       Unknown
    WebView 1.0 is a new ArcView Extension, enabling you to convert your Views to HTML-pages and JPGs   External Link

    WebView 1.1       Unknown
    The Internet Extension for ArcView GIS - Present your maps on the Web or on CD ROM   External Link

    Well Production Converter       Unknown
    An application that allows users to quickly and accurately reformat PetroRom Well and Production data into dbase tables, Access files, or ESRI Shapefiles   External Link

    WinSizer       Unknown
    Resize ArcView Windows   External Link

    Zoomer       13 Kb
    Zoomer is a script which allows you type in the latitude and the longitude for a location, then the view is zoomed and/or panned to that location in one smooth move   Download

    polysymbol.ave       1 Kb
    makes a polyline symbol for a polygon feature theme and vice-versa   Download

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