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Product Reviews

From time to time we sit down and evaluate various products that are sent to us. The GeoCommunity staff sit down and put their years of experience in the GIS industry to work and test out different products. The results are compiled and offered to you in the form of a simple product review. Or, if your company has a product review conducted by a third party we'd be glad to have it featured here. Contact and we'd be glad to consider your contribution.

Scribble Maps Pro Review (May, 2010) - Looking for an online GIS application? Read this review for Scribble Maps Pro, a Flash (browser-based) GIS application!

Maptitude Geographical Information System Software 5.0 Review (December, 2009) - Take a look at this excellent review of Maptitude 5.0, a product for both the novice and professional GIS user

A Conversion of Shapefile to KML: An overview of tools available (July, 2009) - Working with KML? Take a look at this overview of the KML tools available in various software.

A Comparison of Google Earth 5.0 with Google Earth Pro 5.0 (February, 2009) - Interested in Google Earth? Take a look at this great overview of differences between the two versions.

Quantum GIS Software: Application User Review (November, 2008) - Looking for an alternative to some of the GIS software? Read this review of Quantum GIS, an excellent free GIS software application.

MapWindow GIS: More than a Viewer (April, 2008) - Eva Dodsworth reviews the recent update to this open-source GIS application. Read up on this excellent application!

Are You Motivated to Migrate to MicroStation V8? (Dec. 17, 2001) - John Leavy offers up his take on migrating to the latest version of Microstation, V8. He identifies three goups, the "Heck no, we won't go!" bunch, the "Can't wait to open the box" crowd and the "fast-followers"... which one are you?

A Look at iSITE 4.7 (Sept, 2001) - With iSITE, users ranging from senior management to support staff can produce presentation quality analyses via PC, Web or Palm Pilot in minutes, with little or no training.

ArcGIS & ArcPad 6.0 (July, 2001) - A brief look at these new products from ESRI

MapPoint 2002 Review (June, 2001) - Adena Schutzberg provides The GeoCommunity with her take on the latest release of Microsoft's desktop mapping product.

Migrating from ArcView 3x to 8.1 (May. 2001)

MapPoint 2002 (Apr. 2001) - an exclusive look at MapPoint 2002 and a discussion with the Microsoft MapPoint development team.

ArcView 8.1 (Apr. 2001)

MFworks V2.6 for Windows (Mar. 2001)

GPS Products Reviewed

MapPoint 2001

Kodak FIS265 for ArcView GIS

Raster-Vector Data Conversion

Autodesk World Release 2.5


Community 2020

MapPoint 2000 Review

Mapinfo & ArcView Review

3D Mapping Products

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The GeoCommunity staff are all experienced in the use of GIS software and related technologies. Each member of our team has an average of 9 years of hands on GIS experience from a broad range of applications and uses.

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