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SuperSurv 3.2 for iOS - Works on Android and iOS, SuperSurv 3.2 is an efficient spatial data collection app and can make you more flexible on fields surveying. The latest version enhances accuracy of GPS, the support of coordinate systems and the display of the list of spatial references. It is also able to connect to SuperGIS Server services, so that you can timely share your first-hand data with your co-workers no matter where they are. (March, 2014)

iGeoTrak - iGeoTrak - iOS native mobile GIS, asset collection, and survey app with included customer cloud to manage users, centralizing data, and collaboration. iGeoTrak runs disconnected and provide fully customer customizable forms, help, and more without programming. Supports standard formats for data shapefiles, excel, TIFF, and GeoTIFF. (January, 2014)

SuperGIS Desktop 3.2 - The newly launched Desktop GIS software features smarter analysis tools, stability improvements, and enhanced editing functionality that empower you to well visualize, integrate, and manage geospatial data to reach feasible solutions, assisting with sustainability development in wide ranges of industries. Also, various SuperGIS Analysts are available to reach your application needs. (January, 2014)

SuperPad 3.1a - Designed for effective field mapping and survey, SuperPad 3.1a allows surveyors to easily carry out measurements, collect and edit spatial data with Windows Mobile devices, and therefore enhance the validity and usability of data. New features of SuperPad 3.1a include GNSS driver for recording satellite signals information while collecting spatial data, connection with SuperGIS Server 3.1a, Online Map Tool for free basemap access, etc. (November, 2013)

SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 - SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3, the Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile GIS applications, assists developers in creating various custom GIS functions in the field. Featuring the built-in controls and out-of-the-box mobile GIS objects, it helps developers easily create mobile GIS functions, including map display, GPS position, file editing, map projection settings and so on. Updated!(July, 2013)

SuperGIS Server 3.1a - Offering online geoprocessing and Web editing services, SuperGIS Server 3.1a enables organizations to easily create, manage, and share geospatial data and services that can be integrated with multi-client applications to fulfill enterprise GIS needs. The standard edition supports Mobile SDK and analysis extensions, helping enterprises publish more sophisticated and objective analysis to fulfill diverse project needs. (May, 2013)

SuperVeyor 2013 - Designed to be the bundled solution for Windows Mobile devices, SuperVeyor 2013 allows surveyors to collect, edit, measure, and query spatial data for greater field productivity. Taking the advantage of custom flexibility, the mobile GIS app is ideal for developing your own-branded solutions to achieve business objectives in surveying and mobile GIS applications such as facility management, agriculture, census, mining, and forestry. (May, 2013)

SuperSurv 3.1 - Designed for Android OS, SuperSurv 3.1 is a mobile GIS application integrating GIS and GPS technologies for field workers to complete multiple survey tasks outdoors. Featuring improved layer management and new editing functions, such as feature rotation and snapping, SuperSurv 3.1 offers efficient map display, feature editing, and data collection function to improve mobile GIS productivity. (January, 2013)

SuperGIS Engine 3.1 Beta - As the core development of SuperGIS mapping software, SuperGIS Engine 3.1 Beta offers hundreds of GIS-related object and a collection of COM-based GIS components to help developers build custom GIS applications. The developer tool can be embedded into programming language under Windows developing environment to integrate with multiple platforms. (December, 2012)

SuperGIS Server 3.1 - SuperGIS Server 3.1 allows you to create, manage, integrate, and publish GIS maps and services, making them more accessible over the Internet. Designed to support several common GIS standards, SuperGIS Server 3.1 enhances the integration with Google Maps, ArcGIS Server, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps etc. The server-based GIS software also conforms to OGC standard to optimize data interoperability and distribution. (September, 2012)

SuperGIS Network Analyst 3 - Utilizing SuperNetObjects 3.0 as the development core, SuperGIS Network Analyst 3.0 adds hierarchy settings and greatly improves its performance in operation and analysis. The network analysis tool effectively assists users in all fields with performing different network analyses, such as transportation planning, shortest path for scenic spots, pipeline configuration planning, convenience store location, logistics, etc. (April, 2012)

SuperSurv 3 - SuperSurv 3 is a mobile GIS application integrating with GIS and GPS technologies for field users who demand for cost-effective and effortless spatial data collection. With SuperSurv 3, you can complete efficient data collection, GPS position, map display, query, measure, and waypoint guidance tasks. Furthermore, by real-time GPS and E-compass signals, SuperSurv 3 can display the current GPS location and view angle clearly on the map. (March, 2012)

GIS Kit & GIS Pro for iPhone/iPad - GIS Pro is the enterprise version of a two part app suite for mobile GIS users. GIS Kit is geared toward individual users whereas GIS Pro is capable of some more advanced, collaborative features that are typical of an enterprise environment (December, 2011)

Insensa-GIS - Insensa-GIS has been initially designed for spatial index development and sensitivity analysis but provides many other functions for statistical analysis of geographical data in different formats. Furthermore, it allows displaying maps, graphs and statistical outputs (December, 2011)

SuperPad 3 - Designed for professional surveyors, SuperPad 3, full-function mobile GIS software, incorporates complete mapping, GIS, and GPS functions to facilitate field tasks with a variety of mobile devices. (September, 2011)

SuperGIS Server 3 - SuperGIS Server 3, a comprehensive server-based GIS, enables organizations to integrate, manage, and publish a variety of spatial data and GIS services over the Internet. (September, 2011)

SuperWebGIS 3 - SuperWebGIS, the Internet map server software, delivers dynamic maps and GIS data via the Web for governments, enterprises, and general organizations. (September, 2011)

SuperGIS Mobile Tour (for Android) - SuperGIS Mobile Tour is the mobile GIS application designed for tourism. With Android platform, GPS, GIS, and AR (Augmented Reality), SuperGIS Mobile Tour can read the pre-generate map (cached map) and web map and also display the guide with multimedia. (September, 2011)

MapWindow GIS v4.8 Release - Free, ready-to-use spatial data viewer that can be modified and extended using plugins (August, 2011)

LizardTech's GeoExpress 8 - LizardTech releases the latest version of its GeoExpress software, which includes support for the new MG4 MrSID format! (November, 2010)

Scribble Maps Pro Review - Looking for an online GIS application? Read this review for Scribble Maps Pro, a Flash (browser-based) GIS application!
(May, 2010)

Maptitude Geographical Information System Software 5.0 Review - Take a look at this excellent review of Maptitude 5.0, a product for both the novice and professional GIS user. (December, 2009)

Conversion of Shapefile to KML: An overview of tools available - Working with KML? Take a look at this overview of the KML tools available in various software. (July, 2009)

A Comparison of Google Earth 5.0 with Google Earth Pro 5.0 - Interested in Google Earth? Take a look at this great overview of differences between the two versions. (February, 2009)

GeoMarketing - Recently "something completely different" for GeoMarketing quietly appeared on YouTube in the form of a short animated film entitled "OBIA made easy". Read about it here! (December, 2008)

Quantum GIS Software: Application User Review - Looking for an alternative to some of the GIS software? Read this review of Quantum GIS, an excellent free GIS software application. (November, 2008)

Using Georeferencing Tools for Navigation and Research of Aerial Photography - Learning about the history of an area? Check out some examples of using GIS technology and historical photography to visualize changes in a location. (October, 2008)

Transforming Lists into Maps: Using Online Tools to Geocode Non-Spatial Files - Learn how to use some simple online tools to geocode lists and other tabular data. (September, 2008)

Using Google Earth as a Map Viewer - Heard of Google Earth? Thought it was just a simple, fun Earth viewer? Read this article and see how Google Earth (GE) can be used are more than just viewing your neighbor's yard. (May, 2008)

MapWindow GIS: More than a Viewer - Looking for a user friendly desktop geographic information system (GIS) for Windows? Check out this review of an excellent open-source GIS application. (April, 2008)

XMF Alerter Monitoring Your Spatial Enterprise - Enterprise GIS applications continue to grow as a mission-critical tool for businesses and agencies of every size. There is ever increasing pressure for IT/GIS to deliver these systems and applications faster and operate them in a fail-safe environment. (February, 2008)

GeoExpress 7 - A Whole New Animal? - For years geospatial professionals have relied on GeoExpress to manipulate or compress their imagery or both. The improvements in GeoExpress 7 make it almost a whole new animal. (February, 2008)

FME in a NutShell! - FME, have you heard about it? Chances are if you work with spatial data on a daily basis then you may be familiar with the product. If not, then you should be! Simply put, Safe Software's FME is a spatial ETL platform that provides a complete data access solution for reading, writing and transforming spatial data. (August, 2007)

GIS Viewing Tools You Shouldn't Be Without! - We've identified some of the best GIS Data Viewing tools that every GIS geek should have in his/her tools folder. We list the product features and where to find them.

A Look at iSITE 4.7 - With iSITE, users ranging from senior management to support staff can produce presentation quality analyses via PC, Web or Palm Pilot in minutes, with little or no training(Sept. 05, 2001)

Latitude/Longitude Classes - A treat for you programers! The author of this piece has developed two control classes that would provide for the consistent entry and display of latitude and longitude values. complete details and a demo program illustrates the capabilities of these classes. Gets A New Look - Several weeks ago ERDAS launched a completely revamped website at The GeoCommunity offers up a closer look at what you can expect.

SpatialNews Exclusive With MP 2002 Development Team - MapPoint 2002 is coming soon! Check out this exclusive first look at the latest release as the GeoCommunity editor gets a tour from from Microsoft Geography team.
Terragen Photorealistic Rendering Software - Terragen is a work-in-progress scenery generator for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. At this stage of its development, Terragen is free for personal non-commercial use. We provide an introductory look at this nifty product.
MapInfo Professional v6.5 Beta - Now is your chance to help MapInfo Corp. by taking part in the MapInfo 6.5 Beta test program. Details Here.
MFworks V2.6 for Windows - Rick Gray offers up a look at this popular raster-based GIS. After looking at several other packages, the combination of price, capabilities, and ease of use made MFworks Rick's first choice.
Working with DOQQs - A primer providing you with a wealth of information to help you understand DOQQs. Descriptions, tools, resources,and pointers to loads of info are provided.
SDTS News, Articles, and tools Everything You Always Wanted to Know About SDTS! - Finally, a comprehensive directory of articles, tutorials, tools and downloads dedicated to the SDTS data format.
view document Viewing & Importing .E00 Data
We've provided this document to help users import E00 data into ArcView and GeoMedia. For those of you wishing to simply "view" the data we introduce you to a nifty, free viewing program you can use to quickly and easily view E00 and more than 80 other common data formats.
view document GRASS 5.0 Beta Update
In a move towards GRASS 5.0, the last beta release of GRASS GIS version 5 has been published. More than 1700 changes, additions and improvements have been done on the source code since GRASS 5.0 beta8 in July 2000.
view document Affiliate and Reseller Programs for GIS/LBS Websites
Our research has turned up a number of partner or affiliate providers that may be of interest to you.
view document GenaMap creates GIS for Red Hat Linux - Mapping The Route To A Better Product. How do you find your way to making a good product even better? Make it with Red Hat Linux.

view document World Geography Factbook - World Geography Factbook 2000 is a FREE e-book that runs on PDAs using the Palm operating system.

view document Digital Image Conversion Utilities - This feature looks at how Florida State University has assembled a collection of DOQQ and DRG utility programs to easily perform these tasks using ARC/INFO.

view document Processing DRGs Using ARC/INFO - A tutorial on converting USGS DRGs from State Plane East NAD 27 to UTM NAD 83 using and Removing the Map Collars using ARC/INFO GIS (AMLs included)
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